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Introducing Vestboard – New Name, Same Service

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We are excited to announce our new Company name this month – Vestboard. When we started this firm’s journey 5 years ago, we chose the name Pyramid Financial + Tax to follow the work and principles laid out in John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success ( Though these principles have their roots founded in sports, we found that Dr. Wooden’s Pyramid of Success – and the way in which he lived his life – inspired our business principles. Our takeaway from his message was the catalyst for our original Company name and we proudly displayed this message through Pyramid’s branding:

“Success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of knowing that you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

 We have been fortunate to grow and, as a result, spent the last year investing in our team and the development of a technology to better serve our clients and enhance the personal financial and tax decision-making process. The initial iteration of this technology investment was the launch of Vestboard Inc. in August of 2015 — an online platform to deliver real-time tax projections and tax estimates for our clients. Since then, Vestboard has improved the user’s decision-making capability by tying together taxes, equity and goals.

As our Company grew – adding team members and new clients – we asked for feedback in order to prioritize and structure our vision for the future. We debated how we would integrate the Vestboard technology and name into our current financial services firm. The technology was created because of the work we were already doing for clients and we wanted to ensure a unified direction.

“Pyramid” no longer describes the company we want to be; we believe in continual, steady movement forward, and were facing the negative set-backs with the connotation of the word ‘pyramid’ in the sphere of financial services. Moving forward, the name Vestboard will enable us to have one brand and one company that will continue to serve our clients in the same way we have before – while giving us the platform to build new technologies to make complex financial and tax matters more simple and personal.

Vestboard communicates the fundamental principles we believe in:  the term “vest” has the financial connotation of investing/vesting but also the personal nature of being “vested” in people’s financial lives, and “board” not only communicates the ‘dashboard’ technology we have built, but also the idea of having a personal or business ‘board of advisors’.

In connection with this new launch we have clearly defined our vision for the future. While we still hold true to the Wooden principles, we have summarized our new mantra in two simple sentences:

What We Do:

“We deliver peace of mind by combining personalized technology with expert tax advice.”

Why We Exist:

“We are devoted to stewardship through enhancing your financial future, your life and the human experience.”

 When all is said and done, we want to look back and know we positively impacted the lives of both the people we meet and the people we don’t have a chance to meet. One day at a time, one person at a time. Let’s go change the world.

With Gratitude,

Jordan Taylor